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Action Forex

Action Forex is a website dedicated to the forex trader’s community with a motto of “Empowering the individual traders” Found in 2004, action forex is focused on providing insightful analysis to the individual trader. Action forex has been serving the trading community since 2004. It provides the traders a daily and a mid-day report which is named as ‘Action Insights’. Most used features of the site include:

  • Top Moves
  • Eat Map
  • Pivot Point Charts
  • Pivot Meters
  • Action Bias
  • Volatility Charts

Action Forex Pivot Point

A pivot point can be explained as a price level that is used by traders as an indicator of market movement. Pivot point is the average of high, low, and closing price of the previous trading day. Action Forex Pivot Point is the center of attraction for the traders who visit the site frequently.  

Action Forex Pivot Point Calculator

A pivot point indicator is added to the charts that will automatically calculate the pivot points. Action forex has Pivot pointcalculator available.

Action Forex EUR USD

Action forex covers technical analysis of all the commodities in the forex market, be it the major pairs, CFDs, or important commodities. EUR/USD is one of the major pairs of the forex market. It is the Euro to Dollar rate. Action forex shows the technical analysis of EURUSD. A link is available for the EUR/USD chart in JD Forex Broker. According to the technical analysis, Euro is falling against Dollar, the pair is trading at 1.0946, hitting a high of 1.0973 during Thursday’s American session, which is supposed to be its highest since 15th April 2020.

Action Forex Heat Map

A heat map is a data visualization tool that is used to analyze the data. It uses graphical representation like bars to show the magnitude of a phenomenon in color. A heat map collects the data from the webpage and then it uses a dark-to-light color scale to display which page of the site is more clicked and which is being clicked less. A heat map directs the viewers on the areas that matter the most. The currency heat maps are shown on the Action forex website 24/7.

Action Forex Trade Ideas

Action forex shows trade ideas on the site all the time. Trade ideas are the investment ideas that are equity-related, long that is ‘buy’ and short that is ‘sell’. These investment ideas are sent by institutional stockbrokers to institutional clients. This service is not provided to private clients. The purpose of the idea is to propose the client a trade in a specific stock, the proposal is based on the idea author’s knowledge on their client’s area of interest in investment. Brokers are the trade idea providers for their client and as much the investment outcome is better, that much commission a broker can make out of it. This shows that trade ideas are totally performance related. Action forex has been serving its clients the trade ideas since 2004 and has made a mark in trade ideas.

Adam Fent
Adam Fent

Adam Fent is a forex trader who has been involved in the markets since he was a teenager. He started out by day trading penny stocks, and eventually transitioned to Forex because of its liquidity and 24-hour nature.

He has been consistently profitable for the past several years, and is always looking to improve his trading skills. When he’s not trading, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children.